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The Workflow module provides the overall coordination of the administrative interface to COMETE. It is a large module, but is built by configuring an off-the-shelf workflow management system. It manages every task performed by a human actor who can modify data or configuration stored in COMETE. Examples include editing a resource, a vocabulary, the harvester configuration, the definition or metadata of a collection or resources, etc.). That is most of the user interface of the system except searching for resources, hierarchical navigation and reading the final metadata. The Workflow module also handles user permissions.

See the site for the classical workflow design patterns.

Implementation choices/alternatives

Continue the work of ORI-OAI.



We need a somewhat future-proof way for us to implement session-less user authorization between modules, without passing passwords around (which would be problematic without a truly central controller). If the Authentication module is central, OpenID would probably be enough.

Another option would be step2:

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