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Vocabulary Editor

The vocabulary editor module is a very small module to pass Ontology data to an external editor and write the results back to the database. While a web editor would be nice, using an existing external application is workable, since it is very rare in typical use cases for individual vocabulary terms to be edited.

The editor should be able to generate the vocabulary in both VDEX and SKOS.

Implementation choices/alternatives

These are the main options to provide this essential piece of software:

  • G-MOT, an OWL editor by LICEF which is supposed to be open-sourced.
  • WebProtégé, an open source, lightweight, web-based ontology editor.
  • WebProtégé, an open source, lightweight, web-based ontology editor.
  • Generalize the Orbeon based MetadataEditor from ORI-OAI for this purpose.
    • Probably a workable approach if we make it into a VDEX Editor, and then have the Vocabulary module translate it to OWL. But the reverse conversion (OWL->VDEX) would be tricky.
  • There's a great many other ontology editors to chose from, some are open sources, other are web services, but no other seem both web based and open source.
    • Having a web based ontology editor isn't esential at all, vocabularies are usually edited as a whole, so the overhead of downloading them and pushing them back is not a huge burden.

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