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Metadata Editor

The Metadata Editor module provides a user interface to edit a resource's metadata in several different formats (LOM, Dublin Core, etc.) taking advantage of external application profiles and vocabularies.

The Metadata Editor will handle mostly fields that are part of our metamodel. This to allow edition of multiple metadata records indifferently of their metadata format. For example, we should be able to change the author of a record no matter if it's a LOM or DC record. To this end, we will need to implement an additional editor including the fields from our metadata model.

The Metadata Editor could also be used to edit harvested metadata (e.g.: addition of a classification or comments, manual corrections, etc.) Handling of the modifications can be implemented differently though as we must always keep the original version of the harvested metadata record as is.

Concurrent edition of a metadata record (by many users) is considered unlikely at this moment and no special handling will be implemented at first to deal with that. (If it becomes an issue, we could eventually implement a lock for edited records that would forbid concurrent edition. - FB)

List of critical functionality

List of desirable functionality

Implementation choices/alternatives

The Metadata Editor is a continuation of ORI-OAI's metadata editor module for which a pretty good overview in French can be found here, based on Orbeon. XForms 1.1 and XBL 2.0 are used to define the forms.

See also the Architecture/APIs/MetadataEditor API being defined to interact with the editor.

Note that if the MetadataEditor module is made flexible enough, it may well be used to actually implement the editor for Vocabularies, Identities, and Application profiles as well. Note however that it is NOT realistic to use the MetadataEditor (calling Orbeon and the associated plumbing) for implementing the general purpose Vocabulary or Identity pickers (See the respective modules)

Current functionality

There are currently multiple editors, one for each "profile". The idea is to pare it down to one editor per basic format (LOM, DC, TEF, etc.), and provide an Application Profiles XML document that would be transformed in an orixbl XML document to configure the actual widgets of the editor. There would still be a separate editor for profiles that extend the base format (such as some versions of LOMfr), although they would be almost identical internally, and reuse much of the same code.

Most of the actual widgets are implemented as XBL XML documents, and contain no java or javascript code.


Questions ouvertes

  • Peut-on ouvrir des sous-editeurs a partir d'un editeur? Par exemple, si on dispose d'un editeur d'Identity et que l'on veut saisir un contributeur pour une fiche LOM, il faut pouvoir appeler l'editeur d'identite. Est-ce possible d'integrer le sous-editeur a meme le formulaire de la fiche LOM ou bien, doit-on avec une fenetre de dialogue temporaire? Ou peut-etre permettre les 2 modes: incruste ou dans une fenetre a part? Ceci sera d'autant plus pertinent avec ILOX et MLR qui font l'aggregation de fiches de metadonnees.

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