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LinkedData Module

This module implements a URI dereferencing service for the objects of the Comete metamodel to make our semantic data publicly available. A user will just need to enter the URI associated to a metamodel object into either a Web browser or a RDF browser to get access to its semantic data.

2 representations are available:

  • Machine-readable raw RDF data
  • Relatively human-friendly HTML view of the RDF data (with links to related objects)

List of critical functionality

  • URI dereferencing
  • Access to RDF data
  • Access to HTML view of the RDF data

List of desirable functionality

  • Browser-friendly links

Implementation choices/alternatives

  • Because Pubby doesn't seem to work easily with Mulgara's SPARQL endpoint. And has a rather short documentation, we develop our homemade Linked Data browser.


To dereference the URI, we will use 303 Content Negociation algo (see Linked Data book section 2.3.1 for details).

For Vocabulary items, we don't use Hash URIs but absolute one.
For Vocabulary, only whole RDF is returned.
(see Linked Data book section 2.3.3 for details).

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